Experience Media Together

Hang out with your friends on the Internet while simultaneously enjoying media from several sources in real time.

Vidcast lets you watch and talk about YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud media at the same time as your friends. As the event Host, you control the content your audience experiences. Whether you’re a podcaster, musician, filmmaker, writer, or dance party DJ, invite your fans from all over the world to experience media together.


Share a podcast that you’ve uploaded to Soundcloud. Invite your fans to listen in and answer their questions right away.


Got new music? Upload it to YouTube and schedule a listening party on Vidcast. Send out invites to your groupies and let the feedback roll in.


Don’t have enough cash to rent a theater? Release your film online. Set a date and time for viewers to watch your film. Hear what they have to say right then.


Working on a book? Host a reading online. Invite fellow writers from all over the world to comment on your latest chapters.


Host an online dance party. Take requests from the audience and chat the night away!

Anyone can listen to the jukebox, but you must login to create events, make requests, and chat.

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Even when there are no events going on, you can always listen to the jukebox. Anyone can request a song by posting a youtube link to the #jukebox tag and it will play for everybody.

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Join a vidcast:

If a friend has already started a Vidcast, you can go directly to the URL they gave you or enter the event id here.

Create Event

You must login before you can create your own event.

Schedule a new Vidcast:

You can start a new event at any time and act as the DJ. As DJ, you can add your own choices directly to the playlist or accept requests from viewers. Each event has both a DJ URL which only you use, and a viewer URL which lets anyone listen in, make requests, and talk about what is going on.

Vidcast is fully Patter-compliant (old post-style). If you already have a Patter room you'd like to use for the Vidcast, just enter it in. Otherwise, a Patter room will automatically be created.

How to Host an Event


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